Steve Sweet Tip of the Week

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Steve Sweet Tip of the Week

Hey guys and girls its your friend Steve from Frontline Cigars here with another installment of Steve's Sweet Tip, this week we are going to talk about new social media platform developed for cigar smokers. Its purpose according to an article written by Boston Jimmie of Stogie Press indicates it was made for the people who love cigars and are tired of being blocked or flagged on other platforms. We at Frontline Cigars looked into and can say it looks pretty slick, you can create a profile, pages, groups and not have to worry about the ramifications of posting cigars or brands advertising cigars. Stogie Lives is new and welcomes all cigar lovers with open arms as we gathered from the Stogie Press article This could be huge for the industry, cigar smokers and brands as a whole! It definitely gives us a free platform as smokers to show off our stogies and not have to worry!

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