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Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week: Re-seasoning your humidor

Re-seasoning your humidor

What's up guys, this is your friend Steve smoking a Defender Gordo, you can pick these up from the website. On this weeks Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week presented by https://www.stogielive the new social media platform for cigar lovers. This week I am going to be talking about re-seasoning your humidor. There are many different methods out there, I use two specifically that work very well. The first one is the wipe down method, you can do it two ways.

First, you can place a new sponge (dish sponge) into a bowl of distilled water. You then squeeze out the water so that the sponge is damp but not soaked. Gently wipe down the humidor, this means all cedar (no cedar left behind) without cigars present. Place the cigars in a plastic bag with Humi-smart or a tupperware container with Humi-smart. Once you are done wiping down the cedar, close your humidor for 24 hours. Repeat this step one more time and on the third day total of 72 hours your humidor should be right around 80%. Now if you do this and your humidity is not budging you might have a leak. Next week I will do a sweet tip on what to do for a leak as a follow up to this.

The second method is soaking the sponge with distilled water, make sure its damp but not dripping, place it on a plastic ziploc bag and put it in the bottom of your humidor. The sponge soaked in distilled water will rise the humidity, the cedar will soak up the distilled water depending how large of a humidor you have you might have to use more than one sponge for this process. I've had humidors for over 15 years, I've never had the cegar warp, crack or get ruined by these methods depending on what you want to use. I am not an expert nor do I claim to be but I like to give you the cigar smoker an idea of what to do if you've never tried these methods. Thank you as always for your support and make sure to follow us on Instagram for videos of Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week every Friday. Stay safe and Stay Smokey

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