Fix A Plugged Cigar

Plugged Cigars

Hello everyone, this is Steve from Frontline Cigars and I am going to give you some suggestions on how to handle a plugged cigar. A plugged cigar is one that you cannot draw any smoke out of making difficult to smoke. There are three ways to resolve this issue without having to throw away the cigar.

Fixing a Plugged Cigar

  • The first method to resolve plugging is massaging any hard areas, this is done usually with your thumb and index finger. You simply want to roll the cigar firmly in between your fingers to relieve any hard areas. Usually the most common area this occurs is right around the cigar band.
  • The second method of relieving a plugged cigar is to purge. Purging is the act of blowing out, through the cigar, instead of drawing smoke into your mouth you are simply drawing smoke away from your mouth. This is effective because it clears out any draw issues instead of puffing on the cigar, that can cause a headache or just agitation.
  • The third and final method which usually is the last option, I never do this because the other two options work and I don't like poking anything through my cigar besides a nub tool. This method is the cigar tool, usually used by inserting the tool through the cap downward through the cigar to relieve and plugs or draw issues. Luckily for me I have been smoking over ten years and have not had to use this method to fix my draw.
In my opinion I would try purging first, massage second and if you have to use the draw tool last. Hope this tip helped you, remember to stay smoky and stay safe.

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