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Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week: Cigar Canoeing

Cigar Canoeing

What's going on everyone happy Friday and Happy Halloween weekend. This week we are going to talk about canoeing in cigars and how you can fix it by not putting a flame to it. This tip is actually from a friend of mine Dustin App who is a cigar lover and good friend. Canoeing happens when one part of the cigar burns faster than the other, lets not get that confused with tunneling, that is a whole different topic.

Should I Relight a Canoed Cigar?

Usually when a canoe occurs people automatically think to put a flame to it to correct it, but you don't have to do that. The end that is burning faster, you simply want to put that on the bottom, pulling in more smoke so it corrects itself. If you don't believe me, it happened to me twice this week and both times I did not have to put a flame to it. You just take the portion of the cigar with more leaf and move it to the bottom, you might not know this but you draw more smoke from your bottom lip than the top.

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