Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week

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Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week

What's up guys, this is your friend Steve from Frontline Cigars with another Sweet Tip of the Week. This weeks tip is a little more special for me in that I was asked to be the guest host on Stogie Press' Taking it to the nub with Boston Jimmie. Not only is it special for our company to be involved with Jimmie, it's an honor to be on the show 11/28/20 as we welcome BIGTIME TOMMIE.  If you don't know who Tommie is, he is a cigar lover, Cadillac owner and Instagram sensation. Not only that, Tommie is the face behind a wine company called Good Fucking Wine. Now I have paired this wine this past week with a Blue Line and it was a match made in heaven. We had the opportunity to talk to Tommie on Friday 11/27 and the man is a gem, great heart, upbeat and very knowledgeable regarding cars, cigars and life.

So your tip of the week this week is tune in Saturday 6pm CT 7pm ET on Facebook as we shoot the shit about the man BIGTIME TOMMIE. If you like cigars, cars, Italian food and old school music this is the show for you. I can guarantee this show is going to be very entertaining, very informative and an all around good time. Remember, Frontline Cigars is the new stop for premium cigars at a reasonable price, helping out those that serve or served our country and our streets. There is always something new at Frontline Cigars like the United Cigars Firecracker, United Maduro and the La Gianna made by Davidoff for United Cigars. The La Gianna not only has the construction and flavor notes of a twenty dollar cigar, this cigar is under nine dollars and something you need to try. Hope you tune in Saturday Night 11/28/20 for what I see is one of the best cigar shows yet!!


  • Boston Jimmie

    Here it is in all it’s glory ….

  • Wolfie_1911

    The La Gianna , United Maduro Toro are absolutely awesome cigars

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