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Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week: Good Fucking Wine

Good Fucking Wine

What's up everyone its your buddy Steve from Frontline Cigars bringing you another sweet tip, this week its Good Fucking Wine This week we are talking about pairing your cigar with wine specifically. I am not a big drinker, I have a beer here and there but most cigar smokers like a bourbon or whiskey with their cigar. When I first heard about Good Fucking Wine it was on Instagram, I saw it on BIGTIME Tommie's page and I decided to buy a bottle. Little did I know this wine was not a gimmick, just has a bad ass name but it was surprisingly good. The wine is dark, does not leave any stains on the glass and the overall flavor is divine.

As I sipped the wine it coated my tongue, you can taste the berries and the other distinct flavors. But it did not stop there, the wine was excellent as I paired it with our Blue Line cigar. I was fortunate enough to be a co host on Stogie Press' Taking it to the nub with Boston Jimmie as he welcomed Tommie Romola aka BIGTIME Tommie who is the face behind the wine. Currently I am smoking a cigar pairing it with the Rose which is a nice light wine unlike the red which more bold. Both wines give you great flavors and no bite or bad after taste. So if you want to pair our cigars with a wine, make damn sure its a GOOD FUCKING WINE!

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