Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week: Special Occassion Cigars

Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week: Special Occassion Cigars

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Welcome to another installment of Steve's Sweet tip of the Week this is your friend Steve from Frontline Cigars and todays sweet tip of the week is special occasion cigars. What do you consider special occasion cigars, I personally look at it as cigars that you would not normally buy because of the price. I am going to share with you my list of special occasion cigars so that you have an idea of what I smoke. Seeing this is New Years Eve and I have one cigar in my humidor given to me by our marketing director Mark Levine I am smoking the Davidoff Grand Cru tonight. Other cigars that I would consider smoking on days like today, birthdays or holidays would be the Byron 4 Anos by United Cigars, The Atabey by United Cigars or maybe you have a cigar that is special to you that is not too expensive but you enjoy it.

There are many cigars out there that are over the $20 price tag that I would consider special occasion cigars or if you like spending the money maybe its not a special occasion cigar, maybe that is something you do daily. For me there are some cigars that are over priced I found don't perform up to expectations and for me that would be the Opus X by Arturo Fuente. I'm not the only one that feels this way there are many people in our inner circle that had major construction issues with these cigars. So when picking out a special occasion cigar make sure you look for a Davidoff, Byron, Atabey or something that you consider a special occasion cigar no matter the price. Remember smoke what you like no matter what the price tag, because a $7 stick might perform better than a $30 stick. Have a Happy New Year and as always stay safe and stay smokey.

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