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Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week: Shipping Cigars Without Humification

Shipping Cigars Without Humification

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This week I'm going to talk about shipping cigars, not only shipping cigars but shipping them without any type of humidification. This time of year is cold in some parts of the country and when I get cigars from a shop or a friend in a trade and there is no humidification it drives me nuts. What does it take for someone to put in a one or two dollar Humi-smart pack or pillow into the cigars. Just this past week I received my TGS box and opened the travel humidor. I found 40 cold cigars with no humidification packs inside. I would have paid the extra five bucks to have them put something in the box so they weren't cold. Going from a southern state to a northern state there is a drastic change in temperature.

With cigars, if they are being kept in a mostly warm climate and you are sending them to a colder climate what tends to happen to the cigar? If you don't know the cigar starts to expand, more likely to crack or unravel. I'm not saying I am smoking it right out of the box, but I'm not smoking it for a good two weeks and sometimes that could be disappointing to the consumer because maybe they don't have a large collection and they got something they don't want to wait to try.

So the moral of the story is for me if I buy cigars in singles or a travel box like the one I received and it does not have humidity control inside the box or the bag I will not purchase from that particular place again. One, to me it shows they don't care how they send the cigars and two all they care about is your money and not the experience you had. Frontline CIgars always send its cigars to the consumer with Humismart. The only time we don't is a pre wrapped box or bundle, but we pack it well enough to ensure the humidity leaving here won't be compromised. As always, thank you for your continued support and we will see you every Friday on Frontline Cigars IG page with Steve's Sweet Tip of The Week. Stay safe and Stay smokey!!

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