Blue Line Cigar

The Blue Line Cigar found a new factory

The Blue Line Cigar was the first cigar that was a part of the Frontline Cigars brand. This cigar originated in the Dominican Republic since the company went into business. The expectations were great, the blend was great and the customer feedback was also great. So why the change in factories you might ask, well the Defender is made in Nicaragua and it turned out to be a great blend and moving factories is something many brands do for their cigars especially with cigars that already have been in production for years. So its nothing out of the ordinary for the Blue Line to be one to change factories. Having a direct relationship with the factory, its owner and the people are one of the main reasons the Blue Line was moved. So far the feedback has been great, it has the same Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, binder and filler are now from Nicaragua and we are very happy about this particular blend.

It is still offered in the robusto 5x50 and the toro 6x52 with a new band created by Jack from Frontline Cigars. The band features the Frontline Cigars logo simiarl to the defender but with a blue boarder around the logo. On the back side of the band features the Blue Line for police, which was present on the Dominican Blue Line but with a new look to make all the bands look quite similar but have their own unique style to it. So if you tried the Blue Line in the past and enjoyed it, I can assure you, you are going to be blown away with this blend from the new factory. The price has not changed, but the flavors are more bold and the construction of the cigar is quite impressive.

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