United Cigars

United Cigar Group and Frontline Cigars

Frontline Cigars is very pleased to have a very good relationship with United Cigars, carrying many different blends offered by them. If you prefer mild to medium cigars Frontline Cigars carries the Firecracker, United Classic Connecticut and Classic Cameroon. If you are more of the medium to full-bodied smoker, United Cigars has the United Maduro a box pressed toro, the United Classic Maduro and Black Bomb which comes in a five pack firecracker size thats a 3x50. There are many United CIgars that have come through Frontlinecigars.com including the Perdomo firecracker, the Wiseman and the Irish Car Bomb which is only available during the month of March. The United Classic blends are very inexpensive and aren't your average three to four dollar cigar.

United Cigars was taken over by Oliver Nivaud in 2016 and has eveolved the company into one of the best boutique brands on the market today. With the distribution of names such as Attabey and Byron, United CIgars has become a top notch distribution company as well as a big cigar brand name. Jose Dominguez, a cigar that is ditributed by United Ciagrs is very popular, gaining some traction with customers around the country. The Fleur De La Reine is another cigar gaining traction through United Cigars, a very flavorful cigar like all cigars produced by United Cigars. Finally the La Gianna, one of the best cigars made for United Cigars by Davidoff, yes Davidoff. This 6x52 Toro was produced and hit the market in 2019 was named after the former owner of United Cigars' daughter Gianna which means divine gift. The La Gianna is a smooth, silky smoke with all the hype of Davidoff and more. The price point is well below the original Davidoff and is definitely the one cigar by United that you should try. You can pick up many blends from the United Cigar comapny at frontlinecigars.com. https://www.frontlinecigars.com/search?q=united+cigars&options%5Bprefix%5D=last

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