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United Cigars: A Premium Experience

United Cigars Retailers

Did you know that United Cigars sells to less than 100 retailers in the United States? United Cigars values its brand and wants to ensure that only the finest retailers are able to sell their premium cigars. According to United Cigars, retailers carrying their products “receive training and marketing seminars for themselves and their employees as long as they remain in good standing.” With thirty plus years in the business, United Cigars understands the value of its brand image and wants to ensure customers only receive the highest quality cigars.

About United Cigars

According to United Cigars, the company “Works with the top manufacturers throughout the world to create unique cigars built exclusively for the premium cigar retailer. The Brands of United Cigars are all Exclusive Cigar Products that were needed and not found to be available anywhere… so they were created.”

Cigars by United Cigars

At Frontline Cigars, we carry various cigars created by United Cigar Group including: the La Gianna Cigar, the United Maduro Cigar, and the Firecracker by United. We also sell United Cigars in some of our bestselling cigar samplers, including the Frontline Rookie Sampler, and Mark’s Fiver. Additionally, we also have chocolate available by United Cigars.

One question we are frequently asked by consumers is, “what type of cigar should I buy my husband?” Many individuals will call us or hit the chat button and inform us that their significant other, spouse, or friend likes United Cigars, but they are unsure what type to buy. The answer is, it really depends on what they like.

Firecracker by United Cigars is sold in the original short format cigar with a fuse, is the Corojo Firecracker, measuring at just 3 x 50, this stick with a closed foot packs an explosive punch. With a closed foot, the Firecracker opens up immediately with peppery notes and a woody finish. ...

The Maduoro by United Cigars is offered in the box press 6x52 the United cigars chose this flavor packed blend for their namesake. This Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapped cigar has some impressively high quality binder and fillers for the economic price. Those who smoke you United are rarely disappointed.

Last but far from least, is the La Gianna by United Cigars. The La Gianna Havana brand first came to market in 1994 and has continued non-stop ever since. Totalamente Hecho a Mano in Spanish means "totally made by hand" using tobaccos from Danli, Honduras and this is where and how La Gianna Havana cigars were born. Danli has been a tobacco source and cigar manufacturing region since 1765, when the Spanish crown established a royal tobacco trading post. What should you expect from a Las Gianna Havana cigar? Smooth and buttery with slight salted nuts, a great morning smoke or any time of day for those that like a milder smoke. Made by Davidoff, this cigar is a must try for any cigar smoker!

Still unsure what to buy? Try one of our samplers that contain United Cigar products. The Frontline Rookie Sampler contains a Montecristo White Series Robusto, Romeo y Julieta 1875 Reserva Real Robusto the Blue Line Toro, Punch Knuckle Buster Toro and the infamous United La Gianna Toro.

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