United Cigars Maduro

United Cigars Maduro

United Cigars Maduro

The United Cigars Maduro is such a unique and well rounded cigar.  The 6x52 box press United Cigars Maduro offers a quality smoking experience at a daily cigar price. This cigar has all of the makings of a quality smoke starting with its construction. The firm press assures the smoker that the United Cigars Maduro is going to be enjoyable from light to finish.

United Maduro Flavor Profile

This flavor-packed cigar takes advantage of the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper giving the United Cigars Maduro that distinct chocolate look. The quality binder and fillers will give the smoker of this gem the experiences of cedar and earthy tones with a hint of mocha. As the cigar makes its way to the second third, chocolate, graham crackers, with a hint of vanilla lead to the last enjoyable third of the United Cigars Maduro which will hold the smoker’s attention with a soft coffee flavor. When done, the smoker will be looking forward to their next United Cigars Maduro smoking experience.

Where can you find the United Maduro

As the United Cigars Maduro is a Boutique Cigar, they are not typically found at your local Brick and Mortar Cigar shop.  The United Cigars Maduro is available at limited shops and online stores. Frontline Cigars is thrilled to carry this special cigar and offer the United Cigars Maduro at such an incredible price, it makes best sense to order at least 10. Of course ordering a box will assure you that you always have the enjoyable United Cigars Maduro at hand for yourself and to share. We also offer the United Cigars Buy Five get a free Friecracker which features the United Maduro Cigar, you can find that here

Buy the United Cigars Maduro today and get them into your weekly rotation!

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