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Welcome to Frontline Cigars. As an organization founded by first responders, we believe that every cigar purchase should give back to the people who have uphold our safety. As people, we rely on first responders and the military to protect us and uphold our freedoms. However, first responders and military (currently serving and retired) face a host of challenges (physical and mental health related) that affect both the quality and quantity of their lives. In order to help the people who have made countless sacrifices to uphold our safety and freedoms, Frontline Cigars gives a portion of all profits to a 501c3 foundation, dedicated to helping first responders, military professionals and the communities they serve. In giving back to the people who have helped maintain our freedoms, Frontline Cigar has created a mission to ensure that every cigar has a purpose. In purchasing from our website, you are giving back to the noble men and women (police officers, firefighters, EMT’s, active and retired military professionals) who have helped preserve our country. What better way to enjoy a cigar, knowing that a portion of your next cigar purchase from Frontline Cigars will go to helping a first responder or military professional in need. 

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