What’s a Boutique Cigar?

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What’s a Boutique Cigar?

            At Frontline Cigars one of the most commonly asked questions we receive is “what is a boutique cigar?” While no formal definition of a boutique cigar exists, boutique cigars are generally manufactured in smaller quantities. However, many myths and misconceptions exist when exploring the concept of a boutique cigar. Among common misconceptions and myths in the boutique cigar world include:

  • Boutique cigars are made in small factories
  • Boutique cigars are composed of different tobacco seeds from different countries
  • Cigar retailers or lounges use the term boutique cigar to market their products
  • Boutique cigars are better or worse than mainstream cigars
  • Boutique cigars are always more expensive than mainstream cigars
  • Boutique cigars are made specifically for one store
  • Boutique cigars are a trendy alternative to mainstream cigars
  • Boutique cigars are more expensive
  • Boutique cigars have a higher or lower quality to them

            While some of these misconceptions may be true, it is difficult to generalize some and/or all of these misconceptions into the term boutique cigar. In contrast, some boutique cigars may contain seeds of tobacco from multiple countries. However, others may only use tobacco seeds from one specific country. In terms of manufacturing boutique cigars, each cigar company is different. For example, certain companies may only sell their boutique cigars to certain retailers. Yet, other boutique cigar brands are readily available in cigar lounges across the United States. As for whether boutique cigars are better or worse than mainstream cigars, that’s an opinion. Some will like a certain boutique cigar better than a certain mainstream cigar, while others enjoy both. Cigars are a matter of preference. As a result, what one person likes another person may dislike. As a result, it is impossible to assess whether a boutique cigar is better or worse than any other cigar on the market.

            In terms of marketing boutique cigars, many cigar retailers like to give consumers options. In adding boutique cigars to their inventory, consumers have the option to explore new products that they might not otherwise find. Yet, the extent that this works well for marketing tactics tends to vary. Although some boutique cigar brands have an established brand name, others are sold exclusively to certain retailers. From this perspective, boutique cigars are not necessarily about marketing, but giving consumers the option to choose.

            The quality of boutique cigars is another common misconception people exhibit. As a whole, the quality of boutique cigars vary. However, a similar argument can be made about mainstream cigars. While some cigars are well crafted, others are not. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to compare the quality of all boutique cigars.

            Yet, with all of these misconceptions about boutique cigars, it is important to ask the retailer, “what is a boutique cigar.” While you may be given countless definitions, Frontline Cigars believes that a boutique cigar is made with the utmost quality and care. In limiting their availability, the boutique cigar manufacturer is developing an exclusive following through certain challenges. Whether or not this is beneficial or detrimental for a cigar manufacturer’s business tends to vary. For example, in limiting a boutique cigar’s availability, consumers who have previous tried and enjoy the cigar are more likely to find retailers who carry the cigar. Although boutique cigar brands may not always be as profitable as mainstream cigar brands, they thrive on the consumer’s enjoyment. Furthermore, boutique cigar brands are more likely to partner with like-minded retailers whose vision is similar to theirs.

            In terms of cost, the cost of a boutique cigar may vary. While some are inexpensive, other boutique cigars are extremely expensive. Despite this finding, Frontline Cigars is committed to boutique cigars that provide the highest quality manufacturing at a reasonable price-tag. We at Frontline Cigars believe that cigars should be both affordable and have a purpose. In order to fulfill this mission, we are always looking for new boutique cigars to offer. To check out our existing boutique cigars, click here. To recommend a certain boutique cigar, simply email us at Admin@Frontlinecigars.com or click the chat feature on our website. And remember, a portion of your purchase from Frontline Cigars is donated directly to a non-profit organization, dedicated to those who serve. For more information about our company and our values, click here.

            In addition to offering boutique cigars, Frontline Cigars also offers boutique coffee. Until recently, Wicked Grinds was only available in select locations throughout Illinois. With its widespread success, the owner of Wicked Grinds gave Frontline Cigars the exclusive right to sell Wicked Blends on our website. Checkout our large selection of Wicked Grinds here and enjoy some of Chicago’s favorite boutique coffees with your next cigar!













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