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Frontline Cigars believes that the best internet cigar stores are defined by their customer service, willingness to give back, shipping speed, and willingness to communicate with customers. At Frontline Cigars, we believe that we are one of the best cigar stores on the internet. Although Frontline Cigars is relatively new, we are always available to help customers by phone or through our chat feature on our website. In addition, Frontline Cigars, is tailored towards the needs of first responders. As a result, our cigars are often priced lower than industry average. In simply stopping and comparing the price point average on Frontline Cigars to other online cigar retailers, you can see that we purposes keep our prices low. Yet, in addition to keeping our prices low, we also give 10% of all proceeds back to a 501c3 organization, dedicated to helping those who serve. Thus, in defining the best internet cigar store, we believe that they should listen to their customers, keep a low price point average, and give a portion of the proceeds back to those who serve in the line of duty.

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