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Operation Cigars for Warriors is a non profit organization that sends cigars from each donation center to U.S. armed forces serving overseas. By purchasing a cigar for a soldier you are allowing us to use our donation center for your purchase of that cigar or cigars so they can be sent  through the proper channels in order for those men and women to receive them. 

*All cigars purchased for Cigars For Warriors are shipped directly to Cigars For Warriors. 

Don't smoke cigars but interested in purchasing a cigar for a solider? Click the chat button below  to receive a code for free shipping on this purchase. 

US Army Retied Justin Fitch had a goal that reached many people he didn’t know. #JUSTINSFINALMISSION. 22 Veterans a day commit suicide. US Army Retired Justin Fitch was almost one of those statistics. He sought help and found it at the Active Heroes Retreat Center. Justin was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer and eventually lost his battle. His friends now fight everyday to get these cabins built to end military suicide. 

Join Justin Fitch’s mission to help build the Active Heroes Retreat Center for Military Families. Each time you buy a cigar for a soldier a portion of that purchase will go to aiding the process to the development of future cabins, roads, activities and the welcome center.

**The cigar itself will be sent to Operation Cigars for Warriors with the hashtag #justinsfinalmission. 
**A portion of this sale will go to the aiding in the process of these cabins Justin was hoping to help create. 
The cigars that are included in this donation are The Blue Line by Frontline Cigars, Casa Fernandez New Cuba and the Don Rafa Premium blends.