Cigar Basics for Beginners

A compiled list of frequently asked questions about cigars:

  • ​​How long does it take to smoke a cigar?

Depending on the size, a Robusto usually 45 minutes, Toro a little over and hour and Gordo an hour and a half to two hours. Generally, individuals take a minute between puffs in order to keep the cigar cool.

  • How do you properly light a cigar?

You want to get an even burn on the cigar, toasting the foot in a circular manner so the wrapper and binder seal together and don’t allow the wrapper to unravel. then you light the middle of the foot of the cigar in order to properly allow it to burn. Toasting the foot is the outer edges of the wrapper at the end of the cigar or also referred to as the foot.​​

  • What are the different types of cutters?

Straight, V cut and Punch.

  • What are the three most common cigar sizes people smoke?

Robusto 5X50, Toro 6X52, Gordo 6X60

  • What are the three parts of a cigar?

The three parts of a cigar are the wrapper, binder, and filler.

  • What are the three basic cigar wrappers?

Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro.​​

  • What is the correct name for size and gauge of a cigar?

The correct name for size and gauge of a cigar is
​ Vitola