Maduro Cigars

What is a Maduro Cigar?

A Maduro Cigar refers to a cigar that has a darker wrapper. Maduro Cigars are a type of cigar that is made from an extra-fermented wrapper. The fermentation process is what gives Maduro cigars their distinct color and taste. Maduro Cigars are created by fermenting the leaves used to wrap the cigar longer than other types of tobacco. This causes the leaves to darken, which also affects their taste and smell. Hence, Maduro translated from Spanish means mature or ripe.

Maduro Cigars can be traced back to 1786, when Don Jose Gener was growing tobacco in Cuba. He found that when he left his crop out in the sun for too long, it turned black, which would eventually become known as Maduro Tobacco. Don Jose Gener’s discovery led to the birth of a new cigar wrapper and the term Maduro cigars.

Are Maduro Cigars Good?

Many people love Maduro cigars. Maduro cigars can be mild, medium or full-bodied, but they are known for having a rich taste and aroma. In fact, most Maduro lovers argue that these cigars are loaded with flavor!

Are Maduro Cigars Strong?

The strength of Maduro cigars depends on the actual cigar itself. Specifically, the fermentation process determines whether a Maduro cigar is stronger or considered a full-bodied cigar. Additionally, the amount of nicotine in specific cigars also influences its strength. Some believe that Maduro cigars contain more nicotine, but that is a myth. The nicotine levels in cigars depend on the cigar manufacturer and necessarily the cigar’s wrapper.   

Are Maduro Cigars Good for Beginners?

If you're new to smoking and want something milder, don't assume that all Maduro cigars will be too strong for your tastes just because they look different from what you've smoked before. You can find light-bodied cigars with full-flavored wrappers if you know where to look!

What are some of the Most Popular Maduro Cigars?

Lots of Maduro Cigars are popular. It really depends on the user and what they enjoy in a cigar. For example, Fat Bottom Betty by Drew Estate is one of the hottest Maduro cigars on the market. However, Fat Bottom Betty and the Deadwood Cigar line are aromatic cigars. As a result, many wrongfully assume that these cigars are flavored cigars.

In other cases, individuals are looking for less inexpensive Maduro Cigars to try or enjoy as an everyday cigar. These individuals may be interested in New Cuba Fuerte Maduor, or United Cigars Classic Maduro. It’s also worth noting that United Cigars Classic Maduro is manufactured by the brand that created and continues to manufacture the high-end cigar, Bryon.

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