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Chillin Moose Too

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The Chillin Moose Too

Introducing the Chillin Moose Too cigar. The Chillin Moose Too first came to market in 2016, as a follow-up to the successes of the original Chilin Moose cigar. The Chillin Moose Too is a collaboration between Foundry and General Cigars. The Chillin Moose Too is currently produced by General Cigar's STG Esteli factory. Although the Chillin Moose Too is known for being an inexpensive, everyday cigar, don't let the price confuse you. According to Foundry, the maker of the Chillin Moose brand, the Chillin Moose Too, "is the best bang for your buck." Needless tot say, the Chillin Moose Too is a good cigar, made for everyday cigar smokers.

What to Expect From the Chillin Moose Too

While the Chillin Moose Too retains the same price-point as the original Chillin Moose, it is known for being significantly differnet from the original Chillin Moose.  The Chillin Moose Too is offered in the robusto 5.5x50 is the darker counterpart to the Chillin Moose Series. Using Nicaraguan tobacco for the filler and binder to give it a fuller smoke, then finishing with the dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper leaving with notes of cedar, spice, and cocoa. Like other cigars made by General Tobacco and Foundry, the Chillin Moose Too is composed of long-filler tobacco. 

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Chillin' Moose vs Chillin' Moose Too

The Chillin Moose Cigar was released in 2014 by Foundry Cigars. The idea for Chillin Moose Cigars came from Giannini who sought to create an everyday cigar that was both enjoyable and affordable. Two years later, Chillin Moose Too hit the market. Although Chillin Moose Too maintains is equally enjoyable and affordable, there are notable differences between the original Chillin Moose Cigar and the Chillin Moose Too Cigar. 

Differences Between Chillin' Moose and Chillin' Moose Too

So, what exactly are the main differences between the Chillin Moose Cigar and the Chillin Moose Too? Well, there are quite a few...

Mild vs Medium

The original Chillin Moose Cigar is known for being a mild, everyday cigar. Like the original, the Chillin Moose Too is also known for being an everyday cigar, but is bolder and some would argue more flavorful. 

Flavor Profiles

While the Chillin Moose Cigar and Chillin Moose Too Cigar are both made by Foundry, both have significant differences in their flavor profiles. The original Chillin Moose is known for having notes of Earthiness, spiciness, nuttiness and sweetness. In contrast, the Chillin Moose Too Cigar is known for having  notes of cedar, spice, and cocoa. In tasting the different flavor profiles, it becomes immediately obvious that the Chillin Moose and Chillin Moose Too are very different cigars. 

Wrapper, Binder & Filler

So, what causes the different notes observed in the Chillin Moose Cigar vs the Chillin Moose Too? It's quite simple. Both cigars have different wrappers, binders and fillers. The original Chillin Moose Cigar has an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder and a Connecticut Habano Rosado. The Chillin Moose Too uses a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, giving it a slightly darker appearance. The Chillin Moose Too also uses Nicaraguan tobacco for the filler and binder to make it a medium bodied experience. In contrast, the original Chillin Moose Cigar uses Nicaraguan, Dominican, US Broadleaf, and Mexican San Andres tobacco leaves to create a unique smoking experiences. 

Similarities Between Chillin' Moose and Chillin' Moose Too

Although there are differences between the Chillin Moose and Chillin Moose Too Cigars, there also some similarities. Among these similarities include:

  • Both cigars are a collaboration between Foundry Cigars and General Cigars.
  • Both cigars are meant to be enjoyed regularly
  • Both cigars are affordable and made for everyday consumers. 

Enjoy Chillin Moose Cigars Today!