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Cigar Sampler For Beginners

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Beginners Cigar Sampler

Whether you are new to cigars or you are looking for something new to try that won't break the bank but you don't want something tht you think will be too cheap and ruin the experience, look no further. The Beginner Sampler features five cigars that are hand picked by our staff that will entice your taste buds and leave you asking where have these been? These five cigars in the Frontline Cigars Beginner Sampler are all made by big brands that have been in the game a long time, so we would not give you anything less here at Frontline Cigars.

What's in the sampler you ask?

Odyssey made by Macanudo of General Cigar offers a cheaper option for those cigar smokers that don't want to get crazy just yet. The Odyssey Connecticut is mild, like the Macanudo Inspirado White it is very smooth and made very well. The EP Carrillo New Wave Connecticut is very popular, named after one of the biggest names in the cigar industry which will give you a feeling as if you are a high roller. Like its little brother, the Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park has been around for a very long time and is considered to be a very inexpensive higher end beginners cigar. Foundry is a company that has been arounf for a while and it has its model of an inexpensive but very popluar Chillin Moose Cigar. Finally, Punch offers the Knuckle  Buster, sleek wrapper with very earthy notes, the Knuckle Buster is one of those cigars that is great in the morning with a cup of coffee. So if these five cigars are intriguing enough to you or someone else give them a shot, you won't be disappointed. Just simply click HERE and you can have them delivered to you before you know it!!