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M Coffee Cigar by Macanudo

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M Coffee by Macanduo

Introducing the M Coffee Cigar by Macanudo. Otherwise known as "M," the M Coffee cigar by Macundo represents the company's first infused cigar. Despite having an established brand name, Macanudo began its expansion into flavored and infused cigars with the M Coffee in 2018. While the M Coffee cigar is one of the newest members of the Macanduo family, it maintains the same quality and construction associated with the Macanudo brand name. The M Coffee cigar is  offered in the toro 6x50 and 6x44.

About the M Coffee Cigar

The M Coffee cigar is composed of an Indonesian wrapper, a Philippine binder, and a Nicaraguan filler. The M Coffee is characterized as a mellow but medium cigar. According to Macanudo, the company set out to do something different with the M Coffee Cigar. Specifically, the company sought to "Create a flavored cigar without sacrificing the inclusion of premium tobaccos. Where most brands choose to use great tobaccos for premium cigars, and substandard tobacco for flavored cigars, we wanted to break the mold in creating M by Macanudo Coffee, with a hand-rolled artisanal blend with the essence of your favorite morning cup."

 M Cigar Line

While these blends tend to be popular, Macanudo has gotten into the flavor game, producing a very rich and very tasty Macanudo M Coffee cigar. Handmade in the Dominican Republic each cigar features an Indonesian Bezuki wrapper, the binder is Phillipine Isabella tobacco and fillers from Nicaragua. This inexpensive cup of coffee cigar is an all day everyday experience. If you enjoy coffee and you are a cigar smoker this cigar is definitely one of the best on the market and will not break the bank like some other infused cigars on the market.

What to Expect From the M Coffee Cigar

According to Macanduo, the M Coffee Cigar is meant to defy "the conventional notions of what the brand represents. This is not your typical flavored cigar. M smokes like a premium Nicaraguan cigar, and the experience is enhanced with just the right amount of coffee flavor. We’re sure that M will be a fast favorite among Macanudo smokers, as it will be for any premium cigar smoker looking to up their game with a dynamic and flavorful smoke.”

With rich, lingering nuances of single-origin Colombian coffee, this cigar is perfect to enjoy as your first stick of the day, or when you’re looking to wrap up your night. The M Coffee by Macanduo is handmade in the Dominican Republic, with each M featuring an Indonesian Bezuki wrapper leaf with Phillipine Isabella binder tobacco. The M Coffee by Macanudo also contains Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos, to create an equally enjoyable and flavorful cigar.  

When you toast the foot of the M Coffee cigar you'll find notes of cedar, earth, and spice, backed with a coffee flavor. The M Coffee is a creamy blend that is just screaming to be paired with a cup of Joe. Like other Macanudo Cigars, the M Coffee is a mild to medium cigar that is perfect anytime of the day. Try the M Coffee by Macaundo today! Checkout the fullline of Macanudo Cigars, other cigars made by General Cigars, the Macanduo Inspirado Sampler or enjoy other coffee flavored cigars sold by Frontline Cigars!