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  • Steve’s September Sampler
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Steve’s September Sampler

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Steve's September Sampler

Fromt the guy who dances on Instagram and smokes pretty much every cigar that Frontline CIgars has to offer we give you Steve's September Sampler. Each month we are going to bring out a sampler each month that Steve, our face of the company offers as his five cigars of the month. This month is almost over so we thought we would bring you five cigars that won't break the bank but will surprise you in every way possible. From some major names in the business these five cigars are very good for any cigar smoker new or seasoned. The Steve's September Sampler will entice your taste buds, making you reach for another cigar or even back to the website to get another one or more.

What's in the Steve's September Sampler?

We are going to start the Steve's September Sampler off mellow but very surprising. Now if you watch the Instagram page this is one of Steve's latest go-to cigars, the Odyssey Habano. Made by General Cigar, this cigar is very inexpensive, great flavors and very well made. The next cigar on the Steve's September Sampler is no newcomer, the EP Carrillo New Wave Conneticut is named after one of the most well known cigar men in the industy. The New Wave Connecticut will blow your mind for a cigar this size, the robusto is one of the most popular cigar vitolas out there because of the notes this viotla brings you. The New Wave won't disappoint like all the other EP Carrillo cigars on the market. Next up is by far one of the top five cigars on this website and that is the Oliva O. Contrary to some belief, the Melanio seems to be a favorite of many, but at this price the Oliva O offers a consistent smoke, burn and flavor profile. This is the most popluar of the five in this lineup.

Batting fourth and playing for the Macanudo Red team is the Inspirado Red, offering a delightful combination of earthiness and spice but giving you all that Macanudo has to offer. This cigar will not onlyshock you, but it is very underrated and needs some love and tenderness. Lastly, The Nica Rustica Broadleaf by Drew Estate is a very well made cigar of cousrse, what does Drew Estate not do well?  This Nica Rustica Broadleaf has been a hit since we got it and will not disappoint you. So try this lineup known as Steve's Septermber Sampler and see for yourself. You can pick yours up or tell a friend HERE