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Deadwood Tobacco Sweet Jane Cigars by Drew Estate

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Sweet Jane Cigars

Sweet Jane cigars by Deadwood Tobacco are one of the best-selling cigars on the market. Sweet Jane cigars are a collaboration between Deadwood Tobacco and Drew Estate. Like many of Drew Estates creations, Sweet Jane cigars are known for their unique but flavorful smoking experience. Known for being one of the original "three yummy bitches," Sweet Jane cigars are a medium body cigar, composed of a Nicaraguan binder and filler. Sweet Jane cigars also has a Maduro wrapper, bringing the cigar an aromatic and exotic experience. Sweet Jane cigars are sold in size 5x46 Corona. But don’t let the size of Sweet Jane cigars full you. Despite being a smaller cigar, Sweet Jane cigars provides an amazing smoking experience!

Deadwood Tobacco’s Sweet Jane cigars are known for their smooth notes of earth, mocha and spice. Similar to Drew Estates other cigars, Sweet Jane cigars brings a flavorful experience that any seasoned cigar smoker will enjoy. Sweet Jane cigars are also recommended for beginning smokers, due to their immense flavor profile.

Are Sweet Janes Cigars Infused or Flavored?

Sweet Jane cigars are not an infused or flavored cigar. Instead, Sweet Jane cigars are part of Drew Estates aromatic line. Little is known about Drew Estates aromatic line. Instead, Drew Estate keeps the components of Sweet Jane cigars a secret. Despite being secretive, Sweet Jane cigars and their aromatic flavor profile makes this cigar a must try for anyone who enjoys Fat Bottom Betty cigars, Leather Rose cigars, or Crazy Alice cigars. After all, Sweet Jane cigars is part of Deadwood’s yummy bitches line. Never tried Deadwood Cigars? Checkout the official Yummy Bitch Sampler today! 

What do Sweet Jane Cigars taste like?

Deadwood Sweet Jane cigars are medium bodied with smooth notes of spice, mocha, and earth. Step outside of your box and try this unique and ever-so popular cigar from Deadwood Tobacco Company!

Are Sweet Jane Cigars sweet?

Sweet Jane cigars are not an overtly sweet cigar. While it does have some sweetness, Sweet Jane cigars have chocolate and licorice notes on the cold draw. However, Sweet Jane’s cigars base flavors are cinnamon, sweet tobaccos and earthy flavors. The retrohale of Sweet Jane cigars is known for having slightly spicy notes. While smoking Sweet Jane cigars, expect an aroma similar to chocolate. This yummy smelling cigar is sure to please.

What size cigar are Sweet Jane Cigars?

Sweet Jane cigars are a 5x46 corona.

Who Makes Sweet Jane Cigars?

Sweet Jane Cigars are manufactured by Drew Estates cigars in conjunction with Deadwood Tobacco.

Who Created Deadwood Tobacco?

Deadwood Tobacco is owned by Vaughn Body. Deadwood Tobacco is a brick-and-mortar store in South Dakota that was founded in 2006.

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