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  • Visol Cardif Lighter
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Visol Cardif Transparent Quad Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

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Visol Cardif Lighter

The Visol Cardiff Quad lighter features four flames, clear butane monitoring and a hole punch at the bottom of the lighter that retracts. This Visol Cardiff lighter features a transparent body chassie, sturdy metal components and a powerful quad torch network. Just pull down on the thumb trigger and you can happily puff away on your favorite cigar.

Why is this lighter different from others?

The Visol Cardif Lighter features a transparent window for butane control, a hole punch for those cigar smokers that prefer a punch and don't like much tobacco inside their mouth while smoking their favorite cigar. The Visol Cardif lighter as stated features four flames that come together when lit to offer a more balanced light, a faster light and minimal butane spoilage. The heat sensor in the middle of the flame compnent heats up very quickly allowing you a fast light and minimal use of butane . So if you are in the game for a new lighter that wont break the bank, will last a long time and is very reliable look no further than the Visol Cardif Lighter. You can find these lighters for a very reasonbale price HERE