how much does it cost to season your humidor

Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week: Seasoning a Humidor

How Much Does it Cost to Season a Humidor

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So this week we are talking about something that was brought up to me on our Instagram page. Someone asked me how much does it cost to season a humidor.

Its not really that expensive but can be very expensive to you if you don't season it right or if you season it the way I do it and mess it up. So like I said before in previous tips I use the wipe down method, this has been my preferred method for the last fifteen years. A spray bottle, gallon of distilled water and a sponge is all you need. So it is very cheap but you have to make sure you season the humidor correctly and don't soak the wood, because warped wood is not good for the humidor. Here is my tip for seasoning your humidor

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