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  • Chillin Moose Cigar
  • Chillin Moose Cigar
  • Chillin Moose Cigar
  • Chilin Moose Cigar
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Chillin Moose Cigar

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The Chillin Moose Cigar

Chillin Moose offered in the 5x46, is a brand of cigars created by the infamous Michael Giannini and his company, Foundry. Foundry sought to create a budget friendly cigar with its release of the Chillin Moose cigar. In response, Foundry collaborated with General Cigars to release the Chillin Moose. The Chillin Moose cigar represents the same high-quality profile that cigar lovers have come to associated with Foundry and General Cigars. However, unlike other cigars made by Foundry and General Cigars, the Chillin Moose Cigar is an affordable cigar meant to be enjoyed by everyday cigar smokers!

About The Chillin Moose Cigar

The Chillin Moose cigar features a high quality long-filler filler blend of carefully selected Nicaraguan, Dominican, US Broadleaf, and Mexican San Andres tobacco leaves. The Chillin Moose uses an Ecuador Sumatra binder and a Connecticut Habano Rosado wrapper complete the package. With a combo that aims to please, the Chillin Moose is an amazing budget cigar! The Chillin Moose cigar is sold in robusto sized 5.5X50. As a mild to medium smoke, the Chillin Moose cigar is perfect for beginners as well as cigar aficionados. Oh, and like other cigars released  by Foundry and General Cigars, the Chillin Moose Cigar does contain long-filler tobacco.

But why is the cigar called Chillin Moose and what can I expect while smoking a Chillin Moose Cigar? While the moose in Chillin Moose cigars is a mystery, Giannini understood that you don’t always need to spend a lot on a good cigar. Instead, the Moose is Chillin is meant to represent the perfect budget cigar.

Chillin Moose Cigar Flavor Profile

When you light up a Chillin Moose cigar, expect to have a good time. The Chillin Moose cigar has spicy notes with earthy flavors, mild hint of citrus and woody undertones. Additionally, smokers can expect some sweetness when smoking the Chillin Moose cigar. While the name ‘Chillin Moose’ may be funny, this budget friendly cigar provides a flavorful experience that won’t break the bank!

Is The Chillin Moose Cigar a Good Cigar? 

The Chillin Moose is an amazing everyday cigar. It brings together the same high-quality standards of two of the best known cigar manufacturers in the United States. Don't beleive me? For $3.25 per cigar, the Chillin Moose is definitely worth a try. Besides, if your like everyone else, the Chillin Moose may quickly become one of your favorite everyday or affordable cigars. 

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