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M French Vanilla Cigars by Macanudo

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M French Vanilla Cigars 

Introducing M French Vanilla Cigars, one of the newest additions to the Macanduo family. Released in August 2022, the M French Vanilla by Macanudo flavor defies the typical flavored cigar experience. It smokes like a premium Nicaraguan cigar, but is enhanced with enticing flavor notes to deliver an indulgent departure from the everyday smoke. These notes work in harmony with a luscious Indonesian wrapper and rich Nicaraguan binder and filler to create the ultimate flavored smoking experience. 

M French Vanilla Cigar Flavor Profile

The M French Vanilla cold draw does not give much of French vanilla notes but definitely the sweetness of a flavored infused cigar. Very subtle sweet notes upon lighting the cigar, very smooth with nice smoke output. The smell of French vanilla is in the air but the taste is one of a very smooth, subtle sweet sensation. A creamy sweetness enlightens the palette, a nuttiness followed by a peppery note is very pleasing. The ash is solid grey with a hint of black running through it. To wrap this up, the M French Vanilla cigar flavors were not as expected, sweetness stayed throughout the cigar with some woodsy, peppery notes joining in. It’s a very good cigar but French Vanilla if anything was very subtle and the aroma was definitely in the air. The M French Vanilla is a nice change from your normal smoking experience, not too sweet to turn you off but gives a nice smooth taste to a very well made cigar. 

Buy M French Vanilla Cigars Online 

If you love Macanudo cigars, you will love the M French Vanilla Cigar! The M French Vanilla Cigar maintains the same smooth smoking profile as other cigars in the Macanduo family. Checkout the full line of Macanduo Cigars today! We offer Hyde Park Cafe, M Coffee Cigars, the Macanduo Inspirado sampler, and more!